A Review of  Applegate Park Zoo: A Must Visit Destination in Merced, California

The Applegate Park Zoo in Merced, California, is a unique and exciting destination for the entire family. Not only does the zoo offer an up close and personal experience with numerous animal species, but it also offers an educational and entertaining atmosphere. Home to many amazing creatures, the Applegate Park Zoo has something for everyone in the family. Visitors to the zoo enjoy a wide variety of exotic animals, including lemurs, anteaters, boa constrictors, wallabies, turtles, kangaroos, and servals. Additionally, the zoo is home to two giraffes, penguins, capuchin monkeys, and bald eagles. The zoo is also home to many other species of reptiles, birds, and mammals. Learn more facts here.

In addition to the incredible animal life, the zoo offers plenty of digital and interactive activities for children of all ages. These include the World of Wings aviary, where kids can explore the life cycle of birds, and the Nature Center, which features interactive learning computer games and other activities to engage children. There is also the Zoo Adventure program, where minors can get up close and personal with many of the animals. The Applegate Park Zoo also offers a variety of educational programs to help visitors gain a deeper understanding of the animal kingdom. These educational opportunities include exciting live shows, animal encounters, and keeper talks. For example, the Zoo Behind the Scenes Program includes an insider’s tour with an expert guide. There are also classes and workshops directed at specific groups, such as young families, teens, and seniors. Click here to read about Exploring Merced County’s Rich History at the Courthouse Museum.