A Journey Through Rollerland, Merced: Exploring California’s Quaint Roller Skating Rink

Rollerland in Merced, California, has been a popular spot for generations of families and friends on a night out. Home to an array of classic arcade games, a roller rink, a pizzeria, and a bar area – Rollerland is a unique spot offering something for everyone. From longtime locals to those just stopping by on their trip through California, sounds of laughter, classic tunes, and skates scraping the polished wood surface of the rink make the two stories of Rollerland come to life. Find further facts here.

Located right in the heart of Merced, CA, Rollerland has been a beloved staple of the community since it first opened its doors in 1965. Though originally intended as a teenage hang-out spot – the popularity of Rollerland extended to adults and families. With the addition of arcade games and pizzeria, Rollerland has become a popular place for birthday parties and family gatherings of all ages. The traditional rink of Rollerland is the main attraction of the venue. While it’s currently accommodated for inline skates, the rink area is still classic grindle-board, a style of skating that is popular in the 60s. The main track of the rink stretches the length of the entire venue, while an additional track around the perimeter is filled with colorful obstacles, ramps, and grinding rails. In addition, a foam pit is located at the base of the main ramp – perfect for turning those backflips and aerial tricks. Aside from classic roller skating, Rollerland also offers an array of classic arcade games, ranging from skeeball to driving simulators. Offering something for every age group, Rollerland also has a full-service pizzeria and bar. Customers can play games and snack on pizza slices or sip on beer or soda from the bar area. Learn more about A Review of  Applegate Park Zoo: A Must Visit Destination in Merced, California.